Sophina Dejesus has taken the internet by storm. The 21 year-old U.C.L.A. gymnast has stunned millions with an unparalleled gymnastics routine that infuses popular Hip Hop dances. The crowd of students, family and fans cheered as Dejesus hit the quan, whipped and nae-nae-ed. The most impressive part? After a short dance routine, the senior made sure to have her game face on while flawlessly sticking every single tumble during her floor exercises.

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After wowing the crowd Saturday [February 6], Dejesus wowed the internet. The video of the now famous routine was posted to Facebook and has had over 400,000 shares. The original YouTube video has about three million views. However, no matter where you see it, your reaction is likely to be the same. Complete awe. Dejesus says she simply infused the dance moves in the routine to “end [her] senior year with a bang.”

African American gymnasts have happily brought more attention to themselves through the internet. With Olympians who possess undeniable talent like Gabby Douglas and Simone Biles, it’s hard to ignore the strides young Black women are making in the sport. Douglas became a household name overnight after videos of her show-stopping floor routine started circulating the internet. Since then the teenager has had a Lifetime movie made in her honor.


Sophina DeJesus of U.C.L.A.’s gymnastics program has proved she’s one of a kind when it comes to her routines. She added in an interview with The New York Times her sister is to thank for the inspiration behind the moves. “My sister Savannah is an awesome dancer. She helped me with the choreo and made it more fun.” Dejesus is an example of how keeping family close has been rewarding in more ways than one.

U.C.L.A. gymnastics will have meets that are set to be aired on ESPN and ESPNU all week. The 16 member super-squad is making history as a whole for winning three awards for individuals by a single school in the Pac-12 weekly honors. Head coach Valorie Kondos has 26 years of experience and was a part of the collegiate team as well. Dejesus is displaying true Black girl magic, and continuing the legacy of excellence in U.C.L.A. gymnastics.

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