Milk Studios x MADE FW x 2 Necklace 

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Last night, New York City meatpacking district’s Milk Studios in association with MADE converted its jam room into a trap inhabited by a myriad of models, fashion week attendees and 2 Chainz enthusiasts, all sipping on baby bottles and vibing to recognizable hip hop.  In celebration of NY Fashion Week, the Trapavelli Autumn/Winter 16 line of clothing was displayed and discussed with a stylized, all out complimentary themed space. DJ Esudd spun all the most likely requested rap tunes and proper hip hop hits on a turntable decked out in prop treatment made to appear as a stove. Booming base reverberated the relatively small room completely adorned in decorum that completed a realistic trap vibe.  A mattress lined one of the walls next to a couch which upon 2 Chainz arrival transformed into apart of the floor, with a group quickly standing atop the furniture for better viewing of the hip hop hit maker.  

The entirety of the show, people stood on top of prop items and speakers all adjusting for their best glance at the KTZ cape wearing figure that was 2 Chainz at the event. One Bape hoodie donning hip hop fan dabbed and danced on top of a prop stove adorned with paraphernalia and emptied drinks courtesy of a themed bar area. This type of controlled madness went down relatively quickly after the main man of the night arrived nonchalantly strolling in to the packed room, majestically parting the crowd and greeting the room on the mic with enthusiasm, blunt in hand. 2 Chainz made it clear he appreciated the individuals sipping on baby bottles full of refreshments, felt at home and got into the music. 


Beginning with his guest verse on Drake’s huge “All Me” record, Tity Boi as his “mama used to call him”, had to remind folks that he reigns a feature king in the realm of hip hop. He did so several times through out the night even taking the crowd back with his legendary Playaz Circle days bars on Lil Wayne’s lauded “Duffle Bag Boy” record. Its truly impressive to see a rap pairing stand the test of time and on 2 Chainz’ latest mixtape Felt Like Cappin, Wayne is the sole featured artist. With a storied relationship and past with Lil Wayne, the teamup are gearing up to release a joint project titled Colligrove, a fact the DJ reminded the crowd of. Chainz also rapped along to the bonafide hits that transformed the rap talent of Tity Boi into the 2 Chainz characterization such as “Birthday Song”, chart topper “I’m Differnt” and the recent smash “Watch Out” to the complete adulation of the enthused, trap raging crowd. 

While “Watch Out” is currently positioned as 2 Chainz biggest hit of 2015, one of the rap icons possible largest cash cows of last year was the infamous “Dabbin Santa” sweater, a product which he addressed during a pause in the performance. The trap rapper expressed a sincere appreciation of the 2 million he garnered, all for a novel dabbing santa sweater, while his signature “Trueee” ad lib emitted from the speakers in the background. Tity Boi spoke eloquently about the products that were positioned on the wall behind and surrounding the stove DJ booth hybrid. Blacked out hoodies with bolded gold font of the phrase “CEO,000,000” provided a backdrop for Chainz to speak on his unmistakably grand CEO Millionaires clothing label, Stripper Veterans hats that he wholly endorses and an intriguing, tongue in cheek Amico gas work suit all creatively devised to embody the exuberant 2 Chainz lifestyle. Of the caps Chainz stated “You know I’m from Atlanta Georgia home of the strip clubs, thats self explanatory.  Big up, you still a boss if you dancing baby”.  The products are overtly self explanatory and instantly align with the lifestyle aesthetic of 2 Chainz. 

Tity Boi emphatically rapped during his performance, speakers blaring at high bass decibel “I bought some gold chains with my drug money / Then wore it on the stage just to stunt on ‘em / That’s how we do it on the south side”,  a line on Felt Like Cappin’Mike Will Made it and Zaytoven collaborative track titled “MFN Right”. Last night Milk Studios and MADE Fashion Week kicked off and provided a host of guests a slight glance at just how rap icons like Chainz do it on the south side.