When searching for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for bae, you can go traditional like chocolate or jewelry or if you’re looking for something a little different, here are a few outside-the-box gift ideas that are sure to impress.

Doritos Roses
Who doesn’t love Doritos? This is a prime opportunity to show off your artsy fartsy side, along with bonding over a shared love for snack food. All it takes are some fake roses, glue and a bag of chips to create your very own Doritos bouquet.
Dorito Roses 1Dorito Roses 2
Heart Shaped Box of Weed
If bae is a smoker, this will have you in like Flynn. Imagine them opening the box expecting chocolates, but instead find beautiful green nuggets. Score extra points if you buy different strands and create a chart on the back of the lid.
Personalized Superhero Action Figure
If they are more the action figure gaming type, this gift from Firefox will feed right into their secret desires of being a superhero. With the help of 3D printing and a built-it-yourself kit, a replica of bae’s head can rest atop their favorite comic book character.
Heart Shaped Pizza
You can never go wrong with pizza. Never. If you love to cook, you can get fancy with made from scratch sauce and pizza dough. However, if you’re lacking in the culinary skills, no worries, you can pick up a pie from Papa Murphy’s, or have one delivered by Papa John’s, who will even include a double chocolate chip brownie.
Heart Shaped Pizza

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