“Wanna hear my old sh*t, buy my old albums,” Torae spits, setting the mode early on his track, “Clap Sh*t Up.”

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The fiery track is off of Torae’s latest release, Entitled, and reminds listeners he’s here to make the music he wants to make regardless of whether or not it’s what old fans signed up for.

The track brilliantly captures what seasoned rappers experience when they mix things up, with Torae’s adapt or die type of mindset being the reason he continues to make excellent rap music today. Torae balances shouting out the old and new schools of Hip Hop and finds his place somewhere in the middle, comfortable but hungry for whatever is up next in his career.


In a new visual for “Clap Sh*t Up,” directed by Pixel Motiv Media, Torae walks through his home turf of Coney Island, accompanying the track’s vibe well, and while showing love to his roots with plenty of fam in the building too.