Allen Iverson Does Not Approve of the Tyronn Lue “Step Over” Meme


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Just under 15 years ago, Allen Iverson was the best player in the NBA. In 2001, he led a scrappy Philadelphia 76ers team to the NBA Finals, where they claimed Game 1 on the road in Los Angeles against a dynasty Lakers team, but went on to lose the next four games and the NBA Finals. However, the Sixers lone victory is responsible for one of the most memorable Finals moments in league history. With the game hanging in the balance in overtime, Iverson faked a sideline drive, stepped back, and drained a jumper over the desperately outstretched hand of Lakers guard Tyronn Lue, a defensive specialist who had been tasked with keeping Iverson in check. Iverson then, dripping with the swagger and attitude he’d become famous for, deliberately stepped over Tyronn Lue, who had fallen to the hardwood in his attempt to stop A.I.

Though the Lakers eventually captured the Larry O’Brien NBA Championship trophy that year, that scene became a part of NBA folklore, and has become a reused meme, YouTube, and Vine loop over the years. Today, Allen Iverson is up in Toronto for All-Star Weekend, and he talked to The Bleacher Report about actually “not liking” the fact that the clip is so viral, partially because Lue, who is now the head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers, is “my man.” Watch Iverson’s full explanation above.

By the way, we feel you Allen, but we’ll never stop reusing that clip. Sorry, bro.