Valentine’s Day seems to become more of a cliché as time goes on. Whether it’s the expected box of chocolates and flowers, or the fact there’s only one day out of the year dedicated to love, the holiday seems to be more stressful than engaging.

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With that, we decided to get comic and actress Tiffany Haddish’s take on the day.

What comes to mind when you hear ‘Valentine’s Day’?
Money! There’s so much money involved with the holiday. Whether you’re spending it or making it, there’s money everywhere.


Do you take Valentine’s Day seriously?
If I owned a business, I would take it seriously. There’s a way to make profit off people thinking they have to buy things for someone else in order to prove their love. I’d have all kinds of little things people can buy to show their love.

As a comic, how do you handle the day?
Valentine’s Day equals coins for me. It’s so easy to find work or to have a sold out show on that day. People are willing to spend whatever in order to have a good time and show their partner a good time, so that day is easy money!

How do you think you can show someone you love them besides buying them things?
If I love someone, every day is a holiday. I show them that through my words and actions. I keep the sparks flying, honey. I don’t think it should be just one day a year where you go all out for someone. I think if just here and there you go on surprise dates, send surprise flowers, and just keep it fresh, every day can be Valentine’s Day if you really want it to be. The same effort you put into one day should be put into everyday.

Even though you try to make every day passionate, what do you that’s special on that day?
When I was a kid I thought the whole day was about worldwide sex. I really thought that this was the day where the whole world was getting it on. Normally on Valentine’s Day I’m doing a show somewhere, but when I’m not, I take that day and get freaky with my man!