In this post, we’d like to let the world know that Frank Ocean is alive and well.

In this post, we’d also like to let the world know that not only is Frank Ocean alive and well, but he was outside, in New York City, around celebrities and in front of cameras. Yes, Frank Ocean was not a figment of our imaginations, nor was he the metaphysical form of our snazzy R&B/Pop fantasies that arose and self-eradicated in 2012. He’s a living, breathing human being that was seen by thousands of people yesterday at MSG, plus millions more via the Tidal stream. Here’s

Lastly, in this post, it should be noted that Frank Ocean still understands his way around a recording studio. How do we know? Good question. Well, Kanye West finally dropped “Wolves” last night–sort of–and Frank Ocean is featured on it. Here’s proof.