Despite reports that the revolutionary icon was released from prison after serving just half of his sentence, it has been confirmed that Mutulu Shakur has not been released from federal prison.

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Several news outlets erroneously reported on the former Black Panther and Tupac Shakur stepfather’s release, however, it was confirmed by Shakur’s son Mopreme that these reports were totally incorrect.

Mutulu is still being held in Victorville Federal Correctional Facility, where he is still serving a 60 year sentence for his role in the escape of Black liberation legend Assata Shakur back in November 1979. Shakur is currently in exile in Cuba as the only woman on the FBI Top 10 Most Wanted Terrorist list with a $2 million bounty available for her capture.


It has also been reported that Shakur will be going up for a parole hearing in early April.

Actor Jamie Hector, who is known for his role as “Marlo” on The Wire, will be playing ‘Pac’s stepdad in the upcoming Tupac biopic, All Eyez On Me.