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The long waited arrival of Deadpool has exceeded expectations so far and the weekend is yet to be through.  On its debut day Fox’s new film almost grossed enough funds to entirely cover its modest budget.  

According to the Hollywoood reporter, Deadpool raked in an impressive 47.5 million Friday (February 11, 2016), making it among the top 10 comic book movie opening of all time and at number one for R-rate features. Opening day also demolished all previous X-men film box office records. With an obviously fervent demand looks like superhero genre is here to stay.  


Deadpool is currently projected to gross $117 million by the end of the weekend and exceeding the 100,000,000 mark would place the raunchy comedy in the company of only 10 other superhero films in terms of box office love.  The studio has already green lit a sequel set to again star the merc with a mouth.  

If the movie going population’s interest in the “comic book film” is waning, they are not demonstrating this with their wallets. Marvel and DC, the two largest superhero fiction entities, have slated new films for 2018 and beyond so be ready for a lot more kicking, shooting and power using to grace the big screen in the forseeable future.