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When an artist’s visual aesthetic matches their sound so well, props must be paid due. Such is the case with Philadelphia rapper Marv Mack.

Riding off of the momentum of his debut album, Golden Bandaids, which dropped last month, Mack’s genuine, expressive take on Hip Hop speaks louder than any gimmick, and therefore he doesn’t need any. The result makes for winning listeners over with organic ease, and his creativity as an emcee really shines through in his personable lyric delivery and story-telling approach.

“Own Crib” is borrowed from real life, and while soaking in the vibe of the track, it’s clear Mack had a lot of fun putting the scenes together, both on the song and in the video. With Swiff D on the production duties, “Own Crib” makes for a fitting introduction to Marv Mack’s sound.

For “Own Crib,” the second single off of his album, Mack took the lead on the artistic direction, producing a visual component that heightens the experience of the track without feeling forced or over-shining the song itself, which is no easy feat to pull off. The 90s-infused cartoon world matches the quirkiness and playful nature of the song, which follows Mack through a hilarious journey of meeting up with a girl who just moved into her own place with the end result not being what he was hoping for.