Congratulations are in order for rapper Kid Ink and his fiancée Asiah Azante!

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Earlier this week, the couple welcomed daughter Aislin Parvaneh Collins and nicknamed her “Ace.” Ecstatic about their newborn child, Asiah Azante posted a picture of Ace on Instagram, captioned:

“…our baby Aislin Parvaneh Collins blessed us with her debut into our lives! By far the most beautiful rewarding and life changing experience of my life!

“With the help of the phenomenal women of @gracefullbirth and the very supportive love of my life I was able to naturally birth my baby girl Ace at home after 2 hours of pushing! I knew birthing would be a challenge but after actually experiencing bringing life into the world I have a whole new level of respect for all of you strong mommies out in the world!!!”

Kid Ink also posted a picture of his baby girl, captioned: “Ace said what up tho ✌ … and no I didn’t put her fingers like that…she was mad I kept taken pics…told me to peace out …”