Drones are basically mainstream now and the general public is just starting to get used to them and how they will affect our daily lives.

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The commercial aspects of drones are still being developed but among them are broadcasting sporting events, shipping products, filming movies and television shows. Right now, drones are able to assist in weather and traffic monitoring. They are also able to assist in certain aspects of agriculture and defense.

As they become inserted in some way throughout our daily lives, there are already those who see a dark possibility with the rise of drones. There were already reports of drones flying too close to commercial airplanes and having to be shot down, drones being banned from public arenas like the Super Bowl for fear of copyright infringement, and now there are possibilities of drones being used by terrorist organizations and networks and ideas of giving them some self-awareness.


The author P.W. Singer was interviewed on SpyCast, a podcast produced by the International Spy Museum, where he touched on this topic. Singer even mentioned ISIS or “Daesh” posting videos of them using a drone, which was reported by some major media outlets.

The Terminator series has already shown the world the problems with machines becoming self-aware (Skynet) and while that maybe a long way out, the immediacy of terrorists being able to use drones for attacks is frightening. Drones will eventually follow similar new technologies like streaming, iPhones and virtual reality goggles. Most people were introduced to the reality of drones through the United States Of America’s (USA) use of the machinery in certain aspects of warfare. “Drone Strikes” have been used in specific areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan where U.S. troops, Afghan troops, and Pakistan troops are not welcome.