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For the second installment of a monthly series featuring loose singles, Brooklyn’s Young Planet took it to a whimsical place to celebrate that feel-good kind of love.

Inspired by a spark of romance both realistic and imaginative, their new track ”These Feelings,” is a portrait painting praise and adoration plain and simple, fit for a situation when the music does the talking best. The track perfectly showcases the duo’s effortless dynamic and diverse sound, and is a quintessential example of what Eibol and Cidida, together as Young Planet, are all about.

Weaving together delicate instrumentation, the duo builds an ethereal experience that balances jazzy, meditative moments with a heartfelt, rustic quality, all while chopping it up lyrically about modern love as they’ve cherished it. The result is intricately and simply beautiful—one for dreamers and lovers alike.

Producing, writing, recording and mixing all in-house, Young Planet offers experimental Hip Hop that is cinematic by nature, with their creativity and artistic expression evident from the beginning to the end of each track they co-create.