The only time Kanye West has been in the headlines more in a two-week span was probably 2009, which is when he snatched Taylor Swift‘s microphone at the MTV VMAs, and permanently changed both their careers. In the weeks leading up to the release of his album, Yeezy mercilessly used his previously seldom-used Twitter account to diss everyone from Nike to Wiz Khalifa, claim that his album was the greatest in world history, and talk freely about his and Amber Rose‘s sexual preferences. Then there were studio pics–intriguing ones–and finally the lead-in to his Yeezy Season/The Life of Pablo reveal at Madison Square Garden, at which time things seemed to calm down in Yeezy world, at least momentarily.

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Since T.L.O.P.‘s release in the wee hours of Sunday morning, however, things have picked up again for Kanye. He spent much of yesterday evening explaining why he needed billionaire hedge fund runners and Silicon Valley stars to invest in Donda and his other businesses, and publicly asked the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg (on Twitter, we know) for monetary support. It doesn’t appear that Zuckerberg himself eventually reached out, but Kanye apparently received overnight support from several people, prompting yet another Twitter rant this afternoon, in which he reminded his followers to use “other people’s money.”

Now, with just an hour before the Grammys, Ye’s got a few more things to get off his chest. He called out The New York Times, Rolling Stone and other “white publications” and asked them to stop writing about black music. He would go on to say that the system is “designed for colored people to fail,” and that one of the only ways around that is music. Here’s an excerpt.


The awkward part about all of this is that if any publication has been granted more exclusive access to Kanye West over the years, it’s been The New York Times, specifically their pop critic Jon Caramanica, who has shadowed Yeezy on several occasions, and written several features and cover stories on the rap star. Needless to say, it seems that ‘Ye’s had a bit of a revelation.