Don’t call it a comeback.

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Washington, D.C. native Mya, born Mya Marie Harrison, melted hearts with her 1998 self-titled album debut, which went on to achieve enviable double platinum status. Launching the then 18-year-old into superstardom, the “Case of the Ex” singer is celebrating nearly two decades in entertainment as an internationally known singer, songwriter, producer and dancer.

Her hiatus hasn’t been in vain. The singer has been out here working. The 36-year-old just released a 2016-2017 17 month calendar and completed her 12th studio project, all while devoting her time to philanthropic causes, including being the spokesperson for Secret to Self Esteem for four years, advocating for breast cancer and launching TMATF: The Mýa Arts & Tech Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing disadvantaged youth growth and opportunity through arts and technology education, in 2005.


Ready to satisfy loyal fans to new music, the “Movin’ On” singer premiered Smoove Jones, freshly released on Valentine’s Day for lovers worldwide.

The Source caught up with the singer as she dished on her new EP, something fans would be surprised to know about her and more.

What can fans expect from “Smoove Jones” and how does it differ from your other projects?

Mya: Smoove Jones is the final EP/project to complete the EP series I’ve been doing for my fans. Think of this project as the final appetizer before the main course.

Do you have a favorite song of yours, one that holds a special memory? If so, which one and why?

The songs “Fear Of Flying” and “Nothing at All.” Though they were never radio singles, they were impactful songs that quite a few people have told me touched them and literally saved their lives. When I hear stories of suicide contemplation, but being a part of the decision not to move forward because of a lyric or message in the music, those are the special moments that keep me determined to just make great, meaningful songs.

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Who’s someone you’d like to collaborate with?

India Arie. I love her song writing and musicianship.

Would you ever do a reality show, why or why not?

I’m a spirit always open to entertaining everything, but if it’s based on bad energy, you might not see me involved in it. After I see all details, facts, business and budget, I make my decisions.

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You’ve been in the game for nearly 20 years. As you look back over your career, do you have any regrets, why or why not?

What’s important to me is that I’m happy. Being I’ve managed to stay happy, stay sane, love myself, I can’t say I have any regrets. I’m breathing and full of life and energy.

What’s something fans would be surprised to know about you?

I engineer myself in the studio, draft contracts, handle 99.9 percent of my paperwork and fully fund myself 100 percent.

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