This Sneaker Store Employee Can Identify Kicks By Their Smell

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Yes, you read the title correctly. With a makeshift white blindfold covering his eyes, RIF LA employee Jaime, was able to correctly identify three different types of sneakers based on their smells. Sneaker Watch caught up with  the sneaker head and his ability to decipher between retro Jordans to Yeezy Boosts is pretty weird yet incredible.

“It’s really bad,” he said. “One time I bought a Jordan 12; the playoffs. This was my first shoe, my grand pop bough it for me…and I smelled it and it brought me back to when I was six, like off top,”


As the clip continues Jaime also explains the store’s process for identifying fake sneakers and how they react when in these situations.  Either Jaime’s spent a bit too much time in RIF LA’s stock room or he can’t get enough of that new sneaker smell.