Almost three decades ago, Hip Hop legends Rakim and Eric B joined forces to release their debut album as a duo, Paid In Full.

This summer, Rakim (sans Eric B.) will perform all of the classic album, completely front-to-back, at B.B. King’s in New York City on July 13. Tickets will be on sale today (February 18).

The project went on to be a must-have record, was certified platinum, received the coveted 5-Mic rating from The Source and overall is considered to be an absolute staple within Hip Hop for both fans of the Golden Era and listeners of today’s music alike.

Nas himself has declared the album one of his favorites, saying, “Eric B. and Rakim epitomized and personified the street culture of New York and the rest of the nation. They wore Gucci before Gucci [was popular in the streets], they were counting money on the album cover and they made it look cool. The style of the music was built for the streets. Rakim’s lyrics were the streets put into music.”

Sure to be a not-to-miss performance for those fortunate enough to reside within the five boroughs.