Online sports publication SB Nation recently removed a story from their website which told the story of ex-police officer Daniel Holtzclaw, who was a victim rather than the perpetrator in the rape of almost 60 Black women in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
An editor for the Vox-owned website offered an apology for the story’s existence and called it

“tone-deaf, insensitive to the victims of sexual assault and rape, and wrongheaded in approach and execution.”

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The lengthy feature article explored Holtzclaw’s high school and college football past and the reaction of family and former teammates after he was sentenced to 263 years in prison after being charged with raping and sexually assaulting 57 women while an officer with the Oklahoma City Police Department.
The story, written by SB contributor Jeff Arnold, has been deleted from the site and an apology written by Spencer Hall, the site’s editorial director is available here.


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