In an episode slated to air today [February 20, 2016] Amber Rose goes toe to toe with the hosts of OWN’s newest show Its Not You, It’s Men Tyrese Gibson and Rev Run as they address the delicate topic of what is considered too sexy for women and the different types of energy it attracts.

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During the interview, the “Amber Rose Slut Walk” founder brings up the many times she had been sexually assaulted without her permission, which in turn prompted the hosts to insinuate that her provocative clothing and hyper-sexual image could be at fault. However, Rose refutes this and comes out with guns blazing.

In the interview Rose shares with Gibson and Run, “When I walk down the street, people think because I’m famous, or I’m cool and I’m taking pictures, that they can just grab my ass or put their hand under my skirt or, ‘Oh Amber, can I come grab your boobs?’ Girls do that to me all the time, and it does get like, I love you girls so much, but it does get like, stop grabbing on my boobs constantly and my butt. And guys, too. This is my privacy.”


After digesting her statements, Run and Gibson attempted to offer a bit of advice that would have most feminists scoffing by saying, “a representation of what you’re wearing and stuff and seems like, in their mind, what you’re representing.” This is a notion that has been shot down by many feminists as it promotes a misogynistic rape culture, where women bear the blame due to dressing too sexy making attacks warranted.

Obviously Rose didn’t agree with these sentiments. Watch below, and tune in tonight a 9 p.m. EST to watch the full episode on OWN.

Who do you think makes the most valid point?