Almost eight years ago, actress and singer Jennifer Hudson’s family was struck by a horrific tragedy after her mother, brother and seven-year old nephew were murdered in cold blood on the South Side of Chicago on October 24, 2008.

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The convicted killer is Hudson’s brother-in-law William Balfour, who was married to her sister Julia Hudson. Balfour, who is currently serving life behind bars without parole for the triple homicide, is speaking out for the first time since being incarcerated and proclaiming his innocence.

Back in 2008, Balfour was arrested immediately for the heinous killings of Hudson’s family members after his estranged wife had insisted that he made threats towards her family on numerous occasions. Additionally car keys to the stolen SUV where Hudson’s young nephew was abducted and then shot to death were found in Balfour’s possession, making it a slam dunk case for prosecutors.


His prior criminal offenses such as a conviction for attempted murder back in 1992 did not help his case. During the trial, Balfour opted out of speaking as according to him, his legal team advised him no to do so. Thus resulting in Balfour never addressing the Hudson family and detailing his side of the story until now in his first interview with Chicago’s ABC7 I-Team.

In the interview, Balfour is asked some pretty hard questions leading up to the tragic incident. However, to many people’s surprise, Balfour maintains that he is innocent and even suggests being at the center of a conspiracy theory. The Hudsons have yet to issue a statement regarding Balfour’s claims.