The Houston Rockets’ Dwight Howard is in the middle of one of his worst statistical seasons since he became the dominant center we’re accustomed to in 2008, averaging just 14.6 points and 12 rebounds per game. With recent reports of how he and James Harden were attempting to trade each other, any more news that could make Howard the bad guy again is probably not welcome in Howard’s inner space.

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Sadly, it has happened again, this time from Howard’s former coach Kevin Mchale. Mchale, who recently appeared on Mike & Mike In The Morning, spoke on the differences with Howard on how they approached losses, with Howard getting over it quickly while Mchale not handling it well at all.

Transcribed from SportsGrid:


“My only, um, it’s not really a criticism, the reality if Dwight is, after he loses, five minutes later he’s over that loss. Whereas, I know when I played and coached, when we lost I was miserable, and I wanted to be miserable. I think there was something about that misery that made a me a better coach and a better player, because I just kind of wallowed in that misery, and I was always amazed when guys could kind of turn the page really quickly like that.”

Interesting of course, to say the least. This is definitely the last thing Howard needs have on his name. Howard responded back to those comments, in which he states he knows who he is, nothing else.

From ESPN:

“Dwight Howard on getting criticized by the media and fans: “Doesn’t matter. I know who I am. I know what I’ve done in my career so no need to focus on anything negative. I have a great life and I’m blessed beyond measure. It doesn’t matter, they can talk as much as they want but I know how hard I work to get to where I am today. So I’m very thankful about that.”