Still on the loose, police are actively hunting down a man after a slashing in a string of similar incident’s took place in  Manhattan on Thursday (February 18, 2016). Last night, police unveiled a surveillance tape of the suspect.

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Supreme New York is a clothing label lauded for its retro and trendy apparel that routinely hosts new clothing releases, herding hundreds of fans into its doors after brief hiatuses in sales, hosting lines that end up on adjacent streets and around the block. With the Soho located boutique’s drop of the coveted Spring/ Summer 2016 collection, not everything was business as usual.  

The slashing happened shortly after 2 p.m. with hundreds of Supreme enthusiasts still waiting in line for new gear. One enthused customer strolled out of the boutiques glass doors, bags stuffed with merchandise and was met with a deranged attacker.  When the suspect demanded his purchases, the victim refused and was cut in the face with a sharp object.  


The suspect fled quickly in an unknown direction and a search still remains in session. The victim was hauled off to New York Hospital Downtown with a large gash that was said to be non-life threatening.  


A host of eye-witnesses realized the entire encounter. “He ran up on him and said, ‘give me your stuff,’ but he didn’t want to give him his clothing,” witness Jamal Green exclaimed to ABC7. “SO the guy slashed him and ran. He didn’t even get to take the item that the guy got from the store…It was a big cut. It was as wide as your finger. It was open, bleeding a lot.”