On Skype correspondence from a undisclosed location in Russia, National Security Agency(NSA) whistleblower Edward Snowden told a group of supporters in New Hampshire that he would sign a waiver of extradition to be brought back to the United States to face federal charges if he was guaranteed a fair trial.

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“I’ve told the government I would return if they would guarantee a fair trial where I can make a public interest defense of why this was done and allow a jury to decide,” Snowden told his  New Hampshire audience.

The former National Security Agency contractor in 2013 leaked details of a secret government eavesdropping program and left the country. He faces federal charges that could put him in prison for up to 30 years.


Snowden spoke Saturday at the New Hampshire Liberty Forum, an organization supported by  libertarians, in which the forum organizers did not allow the media to video record SNowden’s comments.

Snowden has previously spoken of offers between his lawyers and the government to return home and his willingness to discuss a plea deal and even do some prison time. Last year, former US attorney general Eric Holder said a plea deal with Snowden was a possibility.