Woman Seated Courtside Tells a Complaining LeBron James to “Suck It Up!”

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Today’s match-up between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Cleveland Cavaliers was billed as a Finals preview by those who believe the Thunder will find a way to prevail against the Spurs and Warriors in the postseason, but it certainly didn’t play out like one. The Thunder kept it close for much of the first half, but the short-handed Cavs pulled away in a big way, leading by 24 at one point thanks to LeBron James‘ all-purpose play and J.R. Smith‘s hot shooting. You would think in a laugher of a game like that one, LeBron James wouldn’t have much to complain about. Then again, if you honestly think that, you don’t know much about LeBron James.

One fan sitting courtside today at the Thunder’s arena clearly had enough of LeBron’s post-foul complaints, and in the above video clip, you can see her exasperatedly yell out for LeBron to “suck it up!” James looked unmoved by her request, and continued to complain to the referee, because that’s what he does, but its pretty clear that 12 seasons in, fans are over it.