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With student loan debt plaguing so much of America, New Orleans resident Dee-1 has been inspiring others by sharing his own story that it’s possible to pay off student loan companies, such as Sallie Mae.

While having an advance from a record label such as RCA certainly helps the situation, the rapper was diligent about making his minimum loan payments when he could afford to, and very much relates to his peers that collectively owe $12 trillion just for attending college. The number of people affected by the grim reality student loans represent is not a small number, and in his new track “Sallie Mae Back,” Dee-1 celebrates getting out of his student loan debt in the best way he knows how.

With lyrics such as, “I got two jobs really got on my grind / In the game right now, my time to shine / Starting paying those loans back one at a time / Got them down, down, down ’till I paid them all off,” Dee-1 paints a realistic picture so many can relate to, but also likely are envious of. Working to get those seemingly-endless bills to disappear is no easy feat. Even the student loan company weighed in on the track saying by way of Facebook, “We’re all in the office singing along with you! Love, love, love the hook. Congratulations on your success!”

With Justen Williams on the beat and Colin Pierce directing the hilarious clip, Dee-1 has way too much fun ‘breaking up’ with Sallie Mae, and honestly, we don’t blame him.