In addition to a phenomenal artist and brave visionary, Kanye West has undoubtedly been a major source of controversy for years. But between the Twitter rants, “Saturday Night Live” meltdown, you name it, his erratic behavior has seen quite a surge in recent weeks. While everyone seems to have an opinion on the potential cause of his outbursts – bipolar disorder, cocaine usage, and publicity stunts are among the most popular – we now have the insight of a professional psychologist.

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During an appearance on Monday’s edition of “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” Dr. Phil – sitting beside fellow guests Cristin Milioti and Shad Moss – was asked his take on the matter. “You can’t be that wrong that many times unless you’re working at it,” analyzed the registered physician and talk show host himself, suggesting that Yeezy’s controversial actions are a ploy for attention before adding, “Here we are talking about it, so it’s working.”

Shad on the other hand, who says he’s met Kanye on numerous occasions in the past, believes it’s more genuine than that. “I think he’s just an artist who’s very, very passionate – like over-passionate – about what he does,” insisted the fellow rapper. “So I just think we’re dealing with an artist who is very passionate, who believes in what he does, but he might just go about it in a – you know – a different way.”


Dr. Phil then chimed back in and took a moment to address perhaps the bigger issue that society as a whole is currently facing in regards to social media abuse. “Everybody thinks stuff sometimes – you know you’ll think something that’s like really stupid – but we’re in a society now, we’re in a generation now, where everybody thinks you gotta have an audience for everything.”