After appearing in our ‘British Artists To Watch’ series earlier this year, Kojey Radical gives The Source an exclusive first listen of the hotly anticipated 23Winters, a provocative powerful insight into the parallel universe of the poet extraordinaire.

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The EP/Mixtape is a personal heartfelt analysis of the tumultuous relationship between father and son, with the themes of religion, society, family, love, new-age revolution and African diaspora shining through in majestic stripped back glory.

Kojey’s father provides a somber narration throughout the project, advising his young offspring on philosophies, mistakes and memories during his time adjusting to life in England after his formative years growing up in Ghana during its gaining of independence from British rule, guided by the influential leadership of Kwame Nkrumah (a massive inspiration on the aesthetic and message of the project, see track 9).



Summarising the overall concept and reason behind the piece of work, Kojey states, “I wanted to create a body of work that voices my ideas and philosophies while also offering another sense of perspective. My father’s decision to live in England has ultimately shaped my view on life because it’s all I know, listening to him speak you get a sense that our experiences may not be that different.”

Working with some of the most impressive and forward-thinking British and European producers, including KZ The Producer, Lupus Cain, Fwdslxsh, Selvsse, Niels Kirk and New Machine, 23Winters sheds some much wanted wisdom and honesty that is arguably very much lacking at the pinnacle of urban British music.

This is a supreme phonic proclamation of one’s ethnicity, history and future that could prove to be one of Kojey’s greatest works in his auspicious career as an artist.