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Though Donald Trump has been in the public eye a lot more than usual due to his presidential campaign, it appears that he may be doing more talking that he would like to, as he might have to testify in a financial fraud case. The plaintiff’s say that Trump scammed them in something called Trump University, claiming that they were convinced to pay tens of thousands of dollars with the false promise of success in the real estate market.

Yahoo! says that the civil lawsuit against Trump was filed five years ago but both sides in the matter will have their last pretrial conference in May of 2016. For Trump, this looks like it will drag out for a long time as both sides are expected to call a little over 70 witnesses, and Trump says he has nearly 1,000 pieces of evidence that he would like to present. The entrepreneur has also hired the same lawyer who was instrumental in O.J. Simpson winning his civil case.

Surely the timing of this all doesn’t bode to well for Trump, as he has reached the home stretch of the presidential race.