Kanye West is having what seems to be his most opinionated year on social media yet, taking to Twitter to let off a whole lot of steam.

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Producer Bob Ezrin recently wrote a letter comparing Kanye’s music to other greats and Mr. West was not pleased. In true ‘Ye fashion, he bluntly stated his opinion on Ezra and packed in some well-known history on the evolution of rock n’ roll music. To say West has been criticized for his craft lately would be an understatement. However, the star is not showing any signs of backing down from what he believes in.

Ezrin is credited for working with famous rock n’ roll Hall of Famers like Kiss, Pink Floyd, Alice Cooper and more. The keyboardist made remarks that could be seen as more than a little harsh. Ezrin was quoted saying Kanye has “great songs” but his creative level “doesn’t measure up to other prominent artists.” He compared West to Jay Z, Tupac, Biggie, and M.C. Hammer, saying West’s lyrics are likely not to be remembered in 20 years like theirs. Ouch.


West caught wind of the letter, which is distributed through an email newsletter, and expressed his feelings all over his timeline.




Kanye then ended the rant on a “positive” note, reminding fans that he is still on an “Ultra Light Beam.” From fashion to music to video games, Kanye has no limits on his creative output and in pursuit of his passions he has drawn many critics and even more fans. We’re sure this won’t be the last Twitter rant Kanye has in store. West’s raw and scathing tweets have revealed how he thinks in real time—depending on which side of the tweet you’re on. For more on what caused the commotion, check out Ezrin’s letter here.

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