Real estate tycoon turned politician Donald Trump is a hit with a certain demographic that America may not boast about, but is definitely a part of the fabric of this country.

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Police responded to calls after two people were seen wearing KKK attire and holding signs supporting Donald Trump at a Nevada caucus site Tuesday, where the Republican frontrunner swept the caucuses.

The GOP favorite won the Nevada Republican caucuses on Tuesday with 45.9% of the vote, winning in a landslide over Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Ben Carson.


Two Trump supporters were photographed at Cimarron Memorial High School outside of Las Vegas donned in KKK robes along with the traditional anonymous hood. The men held signs saying they were representatives from the New England Police Benevolent Association,  a controversial group that also endorsed Trump back in December.

Attendees at the caucus posted the shocking images that appear to be from the 1800s on social media.