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Mary J. Blige has had no problem keeping it 100 percent real in her music. The singer has created anthems all women can relate to, on subjects that hit close to home like relationships, drama, overcoming obstacles and the curveballs life can throw. The R&B queen is hosting a new Beats1 radio show to touch on those subjects and more, and fans can now get familiar with MJB on a completely different level.

This past Sunday [February 21] was the first episode of Mary J. Blige’s Real Talk radio show. In honor of the show’s opening, Jada Pinkett Smith appeared as a special guest. The two talked about the politics of Hollywood and standing up for what you believe in. In an interview with Hello Beautiful, Blige says that radio was a new challenge, but an exciting move in her career. “I thought about it and said this can be an extension of who I am in the music business.”

Aside from the music, Blige says she wants to lend support and strength to anyone who needs it. “I do want to be that voice that people hear when they’re sitting in their car and they’re going through things – contemplating suicide – that voice that says don’t do it. It’s a place where you can feel safe to speak about real things, real life.” Blige revealed she chose Real Talk as the name of her show because she plans to keep the overall morale of the program real. “As much as I know I’m not anybody’s interviewer, it wasn’t about being an interview, it was about being a voice that touches people not just through music but through my speaking voice.”

The first episode of Real Talk was broadcast last Sunday via Apple Music. If you missed it you can catch Mary J. Blige on Beats1 Radio bi-weekly at 2pm EST. For more on the first episode, check out a snippet of Blige’s interview with Jada Pinkett Smith below. For more on Blige’s Real Talk radio show, click here.


Prepare for one of the most honest episodes of #MJBRealTalk today with Jada Pinkett Smith at 2PM/et!

Posted by Mary J. Blige on Sunday, February 21, 2016