The sitcom Black-ish is known for its humor while discussing serious issues pertaining to race relations in America. The show has notably raised controversial issues like the use of the N-word and appropriate disciplinary techniques for kids.

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Last night’s episode, entitled “Hope,” showed the Johnson family gathered in front of the television set as they watched the news coverage of an African-American teenager gunned down by police. Dre (Anthony Anderson) and his wife Rainbow (Tracee Ellis Ross) grapple as they try to explain to the youngest members of the family, Jack and Diane, what they just saw on the news. Dre argues because they’re Black children, they should be told the truth. Meanwhile, Rainbow thinks they’re too young to understand the concept of police brutality and why their people are being targeted.

If you missed the crucial episode of Black-ish that has everyone talking, you can enjoy clips from the show’s official Twitter account, captioned with the scene’s most memorable quotes:


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