Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg spoke with his very large staff yesterday, addressing racism amongst his own employees. In a private memo that was leaked by one of the staffers, Zuckerberg addressed how the office has walls which allow employees to write thoughts and phrases that come to mind. In it, some staff members had marked out the phrase “Black Lives Matter” and wrote out “All Lives Matter” in it’s place.

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Apparently, Zuckerberg’s request for staff to stop this behavior is nothing new, with him and other high ranking members of Facebook repeatedly making this request to staff. A source speaking anonymously with New York Daily News said the entire situation is “unfortunate and stressful.”

In a Facebook post of his own, Zuckerberg addressed it head-on, urging everyone to join a town hall to be educated on what the Black Lives Matter movement is.


Read the linked memo below.


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