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The songs that succeed in transporting a listener to a different realm often double as the ones to simply just fall in love with. Such is the case with Koncept and J57’s “Crazy Is Beautiful.” 

A fan-favorite off their latest release, The Fuel EP, the track is elevated by the hauntingly beautiful vocal talents of Portland, Oregon’s own 12-year-old singer, Nevaeh.

Songs with such delicate beauty and mystery aren’t commonly found within Hip Hop, which makes “Crazy Is Beautiful” that much more refreshing to listen to, and consequently, the task to translate it into a visual component that much more difficult.

Harnessing her background in music and fashion, producer Jillian Rabe proves she was more than up for the challenge for her directorial debut, inspired by her own personal passion for independent artists and their projects. Rabe, who orchestrated a majority of the art direction, set and wardrobe styling, succeeds in interpreting the dreamy nature of the song wonderfully by creating stunning scenes, both whimsical and minimalist by nature, that act as fitting playgrounds for all musicians involved.


The result is an intriguing clip that taps into the aesthetic of Koncept and J57, further heightening their talents and vision with ease through its profound creative direction. From Portland-based designers (Kate Towers and Michelle Lesniak) to hundreds of dangling, hand folded paper planes, the magic lies in the details, coming alive in the curious, candid moments Koncept and Nevaeh build together as they interact, all while being conducted from afar by an elusive J57. 

The video, which features cinematography by Brad Reeb, highlights the vulnerability of the artists that created it, further reminding listeners what The Fuel EP is all about—taking the risks that passionate artists have no other choice but to take. It’s usually more than worth it. 

Check out more behind-the-scene images (such as the one above) as captured brilliantly by Jessica Keaveny