Drug smuggling and muling is a billion dollar industry across the globe, and for good reason. Cartels and the runners of high-level drug operations pay top dollar for people that can get narcotics and other contraband in and out of a destination without being detected by law enforcement, the single most important aspect of the business. Naturally, as technology allows law enforcement, airport security and coast guards to broaden the scope of their detection methods, the smugglers and mules’ methods have to evolve with the progressive times.

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Enter this woman, 24-year-old Shekira Thompson, a Queens native who was caught at JFK airport Friday trying to use her vagina to get $10,000 worth of cocaine through security after arriving on a plane from Jamaica, her home country. The New York Post reports that initially, Thompson was cleared by security with no incident, but was considered for a second search after she appeared to be “sweating profusely”–understandably–after the initial routine screening. Thompson would be taken into a room and searched by authorities, which is when a half-pound brown package was discovered hiding in her genitalia.

Thompson has been booked for drug-trafficking.


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