George Clinton has been one of the biggest influences in Hip Hop, as one of the most sampled artists ever. Clinton’s funk has provided many artists with the inspiration needed to make classic material, with everyone from Dr. Dre, Pimp C to R. Kelly sampling his music. Clinton’s song “Atomic Dog” has been sampled over 150 times alone.

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It’s no surprise then that when Clinton creates new material with artists today, it transcends the bounds of time. New track “Ain’t That Funkin’ Kinda Hard On You (Remix)?” sounds like it could have come right out of the 70s. This time Clinton enlisted the help of long time collaborator, Ice Cube and Kendrick Lamar‘s live performance from The Tonight Show last month, “Unreleased II.”

The song is everything fans should expect from the trio. Kendrick’s verse fits perfectly over the live bass and abstract sounds. The classic Clinton production style features live guitars, wompy synthesizers, whiny pitch-bends and big horns, while Cube’s appearance fits right in with the pace and style of the track. The song originally appeared on Funkadelic‘s 2014 effort, First Ya Gota Shake the Gate.