Kicking off Women’s History Month is L.A.’s “Supersonic” rap trio, J.J. Fad

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In 1988, group members MC J.B, Baby-D and Sassy C released their chart topping single “Supersonic” produced by Dr. Dre alongside DJ Yella and The Arabian Prince.



The pop-friendly, rap song gave female Hip Hop lovers fresh rhymes over an uptempo dance record, which placed “Supersonic” at No. 10 on Billboard’s dance charts and top 30 on pop and R&B.

The single then went on to receive a Grammy nomination and the album “Supersonic” successfully went platinum.


Although J.J. Fad would not go on to record another album, their place in Hip Hop will continue to live on through the words of rapper Eminem in his 2013 smash-hit, “Rap God.”

Lyrics coming at you at supersonic speed, J.J. Fad.”