Late last night, Troy Ave released his new song, a diss track towards Joey Bada$$ titled “Bad Ass,” that was likely a response to a recent single of Joey’s, in which he points out that fellow Pro Era rapper Kirk Knight‘s new album, Late Knight Special, outsold Ave’s last release. The two engaged in a brief tussle last year over who was the more successful independent artist, but the new blows that Troy Ave sent at Bada$$ during this stage of their riff are decidedly more personal.

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On the diss track, outside of shots that Troy Ave threw at Joey Bada$$ himself, he also referenced late Pro Era rapper Capital STEEZ, claiming that STEEZ was “burning in hell” for committing suicide. Bada$$ hasn’t responded directly to that jab, opting instead to shoot a timely subliminal Ave’s way last night, but on Sway In The Morning, Troy Ave elaborated on his comments.

You can listen to the full clip of Sway’s conversation with Troy Ave below, featuring the BSB rapper tirelessly expounding on his absurd “I got friends that’s killing shit, he got friends killing themselves” line, and revealing why he finds the late Capital STEEZ was a “bozo” and a “d*ckhead.”



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