The Broadway show Hamilton has taken Broadway, and subsequently the entertainment industry, by storm. After racking up notable fans like the Obamas and Beyonce, Hamilton quickly became the most hotly-coveted show in New York theater, and tickets began selling out by the year. Their success wasn’t only relegated to the stage, however. At this year’s Grammy Awards, Lin Manuel Miranda and other prominent members of the Hamilton cast gave a highly-lauded performance after winning the Grammy for Best Musical Theater Album, giving fans everywhere a peek at what everyone is talking about.

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Things only get bigger moving forward for the critically-acclaimed cast and play, as they’ve announced a mixtape, curated by Miranda, featuring remixes and covers of the production’s original music. Usher, SiaChance The Rapper, Busta Rhymes, Queen Latifah and more will join forces with the theater crew for the mixtape, which doesn’t have a release date yet. Apparently, New York rapper Busta Rhymes was the first rapper to see the play, and his involvement with the forthcoming music project has Miranda psyched. “it’s very hard to overstate how much I love Busta Rhymes as a hip-hop artist.That was the most nervous I’ve been for a person to see the show because his opinion meant everything to me.”