Tiffany Calver is a DJ, broadcaster and music journalist based in London, England. The busy 21-year-old works alongside many acts and collectives, is the co-founder of online PR company Pressd, directs a music and events brand called Myself & Others and operates a show on Radar Radio.

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Through her efforts, Calver has created platforms to bring to prominence underground UK acts such as Iman Omari, Sango and Father. The international brand ASOS labeled her as “one of the cutest (and coolest) radio hosts the UK has to offer” and her bi-weekly radio show has been rated in the top ten best shows by British culture magazine, Fact.

Calver has interviewed many of today’s hottest names from Raury to Bryson Tiller and more and in addition to her media duties, she offers up a portfolio of album reviews, interviews, event coordinating and substantial PR work. Calver defines the term “young innovator,” keeping her European audience connected with upcoming influential artists in America.

Advertisement What inspired you to begin your profession and when did you start?

Tiffany Calver: Funnily enough, it was on the plane back from New York where I’d been taking part in a Teen Vogue fashion course. At the time—I must have been 16 or so—I was certain I wanted to work in fashion. Following a quick chat I got to have with Anna Wintour during a Q&A session they were holding, and hearing her story, I had a change of heart. I wanted to be able to wholeheartedly throw myself into work, and to really live and breathe everything I put my time into as she told us she had done, and it was clear to me this would only be the case if I pursued a career in music. I have always been passionate about broadcast journalism, and writing in general, so the next step for me was to start a blog. My website eventually grabbed the attention of a few publications that I ended up interning for and writing news posts, reviews and conducting interviews with musicians galore.

What’s been the biggest highlight of your career so far and why?

Every new year I reach another work milestone. It’s so crucial to consistently push yourself to be great and to challenge your mind to learn and create new things. A personal highlight of mine was developing the courage to throw myself into radio broadcasting. Learning how to DJ, and how to present and host a show. It has always been a dream of mine to have my own radio show, where I can play whatever I want, and talk about whatever I please. A major highlight of mine was having Lunice make a guest mix for my birthday show. God knows how long I have been a fan of his, so that was a really big deal for me. Having Bryson Tiller on the show was a great start to 2016 too! Prior to the radio stuff, I’d say being able to throw and sell out shows I’ve put on with up and coming artists was possibly the most rewarding experience. Iman Omari, Sango, Father (Awful Records); bringing them all to England for the first time to wild audiences have definitely been major highlights for me.

How has your life changed since you began your journey and what are you expecting next?

In some ways, it really hasn’t changed much. I have been writing since I was 17 years old, and taking on clients alongside doing school work for years. If anything it’s a little bit more liberating these days, because I’m able to work on things I love instead of things I need to do to build up a decent portfolio of work. I think most writers have undergone the internship struggle, and have lived to tell the tale! I still write here and there, but I’m focusing a lot more on the broadcasting side of things this year, such as this documentary I’m in the works of making. I’ll be putting on a few more events this year, too.

What characteristics do you believe are important to have in order to be successful and why?

The most important characteristic you can have is self-belief. Without a doubt.

What advice could you offer to those pursuing a career in the entertainment industry?

Work smart, speak up and never be taken for anything other than an asset. Believe in yourself, learn to take the knocks that are inevitably going to come, but be ready to pick yourself back up every single time. Know yourself, know your worth…word to Aubrey Graham.

What prominent individuals in entertainment would you compare yourself to and why?

Honestly, I wouldn’t be able to make a comparison because I don’t think that way. I only compete with, and try to be better than, myself. It’s the healthiest and the most beneficial mindset to have. However I do surround myself with a plethora of talented, inspirational and motivating people who continue to push me to be as great as they are. A big inspiration of mine is Karen Civil, I met her on the set of a Beats by Dre commercial a few years ago. She’s killing it. Tavi Gevinson is awesome too.

How did you feel you contribute to the innovation of art, and what message are you trying to perceive from your influence?

Everything about my work champions the new generation of music. New artists, producers, writers and the new superstars. Whether that’s through A&R work, creating compilations via my M&O alias, PR and brand strategy, or on my radio show. I’m all about championing the new wave of talent and making sure their voices get heard by using my own.

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