If you’re unfamiliar with Moxie Raia, get ready to be introduced to your new favorite artist. The singer, songwriter, and producer is bringing back that 90s R&B sound in her newest single “On My Mind” feat. the G.O.O.D Music President himself, Pusha T.

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Moxie first caught our attention when she released a cover of Big Sean‘s “Beware,” which got the internet buzzing and went viral. And last week she released “Rudimental” featuring Jimi Tents, another R&B single that captures her soulful sound and eludes her free spirit.

Both singles along with “How To Feel” will be on her mixtape 931, set to release next month.

Earlier this month, Moxie sat with Noisey to share the back story of “Rudimental” and what it means to her.

“Rudimental is about the simple things: It’s about that moment when you walk outside for the first time in the morning and look up to the sky and the sun hits your face; for a second, you don’t think about who to be; you just ARE,” explained Moxie. “It’s about believing we are born with all the knowledge we’ll ever need. It’s why I reference William Wordsworth (‘the child’s the father of man’). Little kids are so wise and pure but as we get older the forces of the world and society can dim our light. It’s about washing those layers off and going back to who we were when we were born. It’s especially personal to me because the song was inspired by children I mentor who have taught me so much. I’m also really happy Jimi Tents is featured on the song since he’s such a good friend of mine.”