Former professional wrestler Terry Bollea aka Hulk Hogan entered the St. Petersburg, Fla., Pinellas County courtroom clad in all black, the Associated Press reported, with a cross necklace and bandana. He didn’t make any statements, but his confidence was already apparent from that tweet to his 1.4 million followers earlier that day.

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Time for the real main event!”I AM” going to slam another Giant! Hogan vrs Gawker! Watcha Gonna Do Gawker? Only Justice Brother HH

— Hulk Hogan (@HulkHogan) March 1, 2016


Hogan is suing Gawker Media for a reported $135 million after it published a clip from a sex tape featuring him and Heather Clem, ex-wife of Hogan’s ex-friend Todd Alan Clem, known to his fans as the radio personality Bubba the Love Sponge Clem.

The clip on Gawker was one minute and 41 seconds long, and has been removed from a post called “Even for a Minute, Watching Hulk Hogan Have Sex in a Canopy Bed is Not Safe For Work but Watch it Anyway.”

The video was accompanied by a detailing of the full 30-minute tape, filmed in 2006 inside Clem’s house while Heather Clem was still married to her radio personality husband. It had been delivered to Gawker by an anonymous source seeking no payment, according to the publication.

Ultimately, the tape proved to be damning for a non-sexual reason.

According to a joint investigation by and the National Enquirer, the pillow talk contained in the full-length clip revealed an ultra-racist rant directed towards African Americans.

Hogan’s rant centered on his daughter, Brooke Hogan, who was dating a Black man. At one point, he said on the video that if she was going to “f**k some n****r, I’d rather have her marry an 8-foot-tall n****r worth a hundred million dollars! Like a basketball player!”

Is Hogan suing Gawker for them revealing his sexual romps with married women or his racism? We’ll se what the law decides as this trial starts today. will bring you updates on this story as they develop.