Jamila Woods may have a fairly new name in music, but there’s a chance you have already heard her voice. The Chicago native has been featured on projects with the likes of Chance The Rapper and Macklemore. Woods, who describes herself as a singer and poet on her Twitter page, has an overflow of talent and a message. She has a lot to say and the gumption to say it in her most recent release, “Black Girl Soldier.”

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Woods, 25, has been a figure in the creative Chicago music scene for some time now. The Brown University Graduate opened up in an interview with www.thesedays.com and revealed she “pulls from a multitude of experiences” in her music. “I feel like all of my poems or my music across the board have an emotive quality to them and I feel like often people don’t feel like they can take a moment to feel sad about something or to realize something and that’s one thing that I think is important and through that emotional sphere, through being moved is often when people can shift a thought process,” said Woods.

“Black Girl Soldier is not your everyday, feel-good anthem. In the song Woods speaks from a perspective that isn’t always represented in Hip Hop, that of the Black woman.


“They want us in the kitchen
Kill our son with lynchin’
We get loud about it
Oh now we’re the b*tches

The song was released on Wood’s Soundcloud page. The singer has also been featured on Macklemore and Ryan Lewis‘ “White Privelege II” and The Social Experiment‘s “Sunday Candy.”

2016 is already looking to be Wood’s breakout year. The singer has a powerful and timely message that has been missing from music.