The biggest talk prior to the start of the 2015 NFL season was Tom Brady and the deflate-gate scandal. The battle between Brady and the New England Patriots against the NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell eventually went to the courtroom where Brady appealed the four game suspension that was handed down to him, allowing him to start all 16 games this past season. The NFL also appealed that decision in order to have the suspension reinstated.

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Today at the second US circuit court of appeals in Manhattan, it appears as though the Golden Boy might end up having to serve the suspension after all, with judges giving the player’s union attorney a very hard time in the courtroom.

Judge Denny Chin:


The evidence of ball tampering is compelling if not overwhelming.

Judge Barrington Parker also made light of Brady destroying his cellphone prior tot he NFL’s investigation:

Mr. Brady’s explanation of that made no sense whatsoever.

The court did not make an immediate decision on the appeal but with the decision likely to come down in the next few weeks, things aren’t looking up for Brady.