Over the past few years there have been ongoing rumors that a movie starring Spider-Man’s archnemesis “Venom” was in the works. Sony has finally confirmed the movie is in fact in the works and they’ve got Dante Harper (Edge of Tomorrow) penning the script.

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The film will exist outside of the upcoming Spider-Man reboot starring Tom Holland, and will not be tied to the incarnation of Venom seen in the Tobey Maguire-led Spider-Man 3 film. This film will reportedly be the beginning of its own franchise.

Venom debuted as a villain in Spider-Man #300 back in May 1988. He became a staple in the comic series and later Spider-Man series, eventually becoming one of the most notorious comic villains and a fan favorite. Over time the character went from villain to more of an anti-hero and even more recently one of the “good guys”. While it’s unknown which version we’ll see in the film it’s speculated he will be more of an anti-hero — especially considering the success of Deadpool.


Check back as more  information becomes available.

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