Many news outlets have reported on the upcoming decision on the fate of Sergeant Charles Martland because of the actions he took when he assaulted an Afghan law enforcement official during his time in Afghanistan.

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Sgt. Martland was reported to have beat up the Afghan official because of the alleged sexual conducted by him on a boy in Afghanistan. The assault may be related to a ritual practice in the country between men and boys called Bacha Bazi. This practice is where some Afghan elders choose boys (usually from poor families) to be housemaids, assistants and sexual slaves.

News outlets like PBS, VICE and more have covered the practice in their respective reports. An infamous documentary called The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan shined a light into this secret practice and helped expose it to the wider world. Some have appealed to different politicians, including President Obama, to step in the Martland case. House Representative Duncan Hunter from California has offered his assistance and has advocated on Martland’s behalf. Currently, the Department of Defense’s Inspector General is investigating the incident and will release his report on it and other related incidents that took place in Afghanistan.