Troy Ave and Joey Bada$$ has been involved in intermittent bouts of tension since last summer, but over the last week, their riff has intensified into full blown “beef.” After Joey released a loose single, “Ready,” just over a week ago, during which he bragged that fellow Pro Era rapper Kirk Knight‘s debut album, Late Knight Special, outsold Ave’s, Major Without a Deal album, which sold infamously poorly, Ave shot back with a diss track, “Bad Ass,” that took some ugly shots at Joey’s fallen friend and crew member, Capital STEEZ.

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Since then, Joey hasn’t responded in kind with a diss, but has commented a few times on social media, even calling out Troy Ave for some shots he took at Nas on social media a few years ago, and invoking DJ Khaled‘s uber popular “Congratulations, you played yourself” catchphrase on Twitter. Today, Bada$$ took to Instagram to elaborate on his distaste for Ave, a fellow Brooklyn native, while reminding people why he’s above responding with a diss track, and why his career far outweighs that of the BSB Records rapper.

this is me headlining at okeechobee festival in front of approx 25,000 fans… Yes that’s right I have shows and the capacity are more than 4x your album sales… What diss record??? Oh from that 30 y/o reject who hit the lil homie below the belt?? FUCK OUTTA HERE. I’m getting what u making ya whole career just off collabs cocksucka beat it… Whoever yall talking about dont even deserve a response cuz he aint on my level.. And you only make yourself look like a fool when you entertain them fools.. So I hope you enjoyed your lil 5 min of fame and that lil blue check Twitter gave you since I breath new life into you cuz your oxygen tank is officially cut off now… You’re career on life support homie dnt make me pull the plug… You Don’t want no problems C Runner don’t make me have to expose you to these people…. You PLAYED yourself… Karma will catch up to you but unfortunately, your album sales wont ?…. #MajorL

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Ave responded a short while ago with a “Revenge of the Nerds” meme of Joey, taking more shots at STEEZ, calling him Bada$$’s “roof jumping bestie,” and referring to Joey as a “stupid drug addict.” Needless to say, this war of words is progressively getting uglier, and hopefully, for all parties involved, it remains just that.


This fukin dweeb says I don’t deserve a response meanwhile he’s responding with memes and tweets u can’t fuk wit me with no raps and u can’t fuk wit me in no streets Pussy! and in reality if u shot then I shot back its action and reaction u stupid drug addict, if I shot 1st then it would be owed a response but use a dub and (NOBODY CARES) and u keep tryna bring other people into it from Kirk Knight to Nas etc. But that’s wat pussies like u do, u the type of buster to throw something then hide ya hands and tell the cops when u get ya head bust! Since u wanna bring other people into it I brought ya roof jumpin bestie into it ????? yall niggas music tell kids that if u commit suicide you’ll be a martyr and a legend! My music says don’t do that cause you’ll be a dick head and a bozo, what message is right and what message is wrong #TwitterFingers you’ll never be poppin in the streets, radios or clubs, you’ll always jus be a internet rapper (Link In My Bio)

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