A jury awarded Erin Andrews $55 million on Monday in her lawsuit against a stalker who bought a hotel room next to her and secretly recorded a video of her that showed her in the nude, finding that the hotel companies and the stalker shared in the blame.

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After a full day of deliberations, the panel said the stalker was responsible for 51% of the blame and the two hotel companies would share the rest, which comes out to nearly $27M.

Jurors heard directly from Andrews, who testified that she was humiliated, shamed and suffers from depression as a result of the video, which has been viewed by millions of people online. Andrews’ parents described for jurors the terror they and their daughter felt after learning of the video but not knowing who took it, where it was shot and if someone was still watching their daughter.


On Friday, circuit court judge Hamilton Gayden found Barrett at fault. Andrews said Barrett’s arrest and imprisonment did not make the ordeal end. She broke down on the stand repeatedly, saying she continues to suffer because people are still watching the videos and taunting her about them.