Leonardo DiCaprio has been the talk of the entertainment world for the past week after winning a long overdue Oscar award. Though he is still riding high off the win, his stepbrother Adam Farrar isn’t doing so well. According to the Daily Mail, the former actor skipped out an a scheduled court appearance last month pertaining to a theft charge. A warrant has now been issued for his arrest.

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Farrar and his accomplice, Charity Moore, were arrested in January after attempting to steal items worth “less than $990.” Since he did not appear in court, his bail has now been set at $3,000 and police are trying to track the pair down. A close family friend shared with the Sun:

Adam continues to run away from responsibilities and it’s going to land him in jail again. He’s struggled before with drugs and although he makes promises to get clean, he gets caught up in something else.

The source also said that DiCaprio has always been sympathetic toward his stepbrother but he has become more frustrated after a growing list of legal woes.


Adam Farrar was mostly known as a commercial and TV actor in the 1980s and is credited as DiCaprio’s first inspiration for going into the world of acting.