REVOLVE MAN and Publish Brand have united to create a truly unique capsule collection entitled  Total Freedom.
The California brands have quickly become known for setting the pace in current and future menswear concepts. Total Freedom is no exception; this four-piece collection pulls inspiration from the late 90s and the rapid growth of the newly introduced Internet . The fear of Y2K was real and fashion dictated that.
Speaking on the capsule, Publish Brand Director Alex James said, “We put our heads together wanted make something that was a bit more adventurous and nomadic while staying true to our design aesthetic. I believe we seamlessly achieved this!”
Total Freedom is a refreshing take on utilitarian classics. The “Reject” is a binded neck bomber jacket with a plethora of pockets. Each pocket has extended zipper tassels. This unique piece is made of high-grade twill and offers adjustable straps around the shoulders and chest. The “Philson” cargo pant is the perfect spring pant. With a cropped ankle fit, this beautiful pant can be worn in any occasion. The collection is hued in a rich military olive and a murdered-out black to complete this exciting project. Looks for this limited edition project to release exclusively on today [March 7].